I know this sounds like a provocative question (just trying to get your attention) but what it is meant to imply is; “For whom is this atelier program best suited?” Or, to put it another way; “Is this program for you?”

Well, if you already know about atelier training (if not, please read “About the Program”) or are someone who is wishing to join an atelier style academy but, for whatever reason, you cannot do so (money, geographical location, and time, are three common, and pretty good reasons) then Thothstudio might be your answer. We are presenting a similar kind of curriculum as you would find in nearly all of the ateliers/academies out there, but since we are online and you are at home, the barriers mentioned above do not really apply, or not at least not nearly as much. The head instructor, Juan Martinez, has many years of atelier teaching experience at Academy of Realist Art (ARA) in Toronto, Canada, and some 20+ years of experience teaching in and working within the academic tradition, including his own training under a great academic master, Michael John Angel. Therefore, his interaction with you will be very much as it would be were you directly attending his classes or one of his workshops.

There are more specifics about how the program works, below, but for now, here is another way to think of using this system to your advantage: If one day you do end up attending an atelier-style academy, the work you will have completed through Thothstudio, would easily be part of what you could present as your portfolio. Most such academies will typically consider this work as at least partially fulfilling their own curriculum requirements. And, where it might not, exactly, it would give you a major head-start in whichever way that particular atelier may be approaching any similar projects in their programs. (i.e., working from the flat, or copy-work)